The Sky Calls

When terminal cancer strikes in mid-life, David Geraki has to make tough choices. He chooses an experimental therapy that saves his life but removes his humanity. With the help of his lifelong friend, he must hold on to what’s left of himself, accept what he’s become, and ultimately fight for his freedom.

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Interview with ‘The Sky Calls’ Author Hal Aetus

This is reposted with permission from Thurston Howl Publishing and appeared in their newsletter of January, 2019: What’s your take on the transformation sub-genre? What draws you to it? Will you write more of it? Since my first days of watching birds when I was 13 years old, I’ve dreamed of how it would be…

Excerpt: The Worst News

“The biopsy came back conclusive. You have hepatic carcinoma… cancer, I’m afraid.” David drove home slowly after his appointment. When he was all alone at home in his empty condo, the reality finally sank in. He opened the drapes of the glass door and looked out at the blue waters and cloud-flecked sky. Cars, boats,…

Excerpt: David’s First Meal

By Hal Aetus It was day twenty-two, just five days after David’s feathers began to emerge, when he awoke in the pre-dawn hours with a gnawing hunger. Although not fully feathered, he had all the other imposing features of a golden eagle three times larger than nature allows. Soon, a nurse came in to the…

Excerpt: The Reveal

“Wait! Sam!” But it was too late. The curtain swished back on its track and there was David, or what used to be David. A humanoid form lay on its back on sterile, white sheets under a blue gown. The smell of alcohol and iodine was pricked by something else unusual—organic but, not fetid. His…

Excerpt: Dunmeier Loses Control

The doctor tapped a button on an IV pump, and David’s eyelids grew heavier. His mind buzzed with questions, but he had no way to ask them. He felt stronger, warmer, and full of potential, but a heavy blanket of sleepiness weighed him down. He remembered naps as a young boy. He would want to…

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