The Sky Calls

I’m so pleased to announce that my first novel, The Sky Calls, will be out soon. I naively thought it would be done by last summer but the editing process takes much longer than I had anticipated. It came back from copy edit at the end of November and now I’m reviewing the changes one last time. I also need to create a cover but then it will finally be out!

Here’s a teaser…

When terminal cancer struck, David Geraki was in shock. He wasn’t old but he felt like he’d wasted his life on his career instead of pursuing personal goals and relationships. His closest friend Sam was there for him and had always been there since growing up together in a rural Washington town. Sam was committed to following him through the worst, to the end. But a brand new gene therapy offered David a glimmer of hope. However, a mix-up in the laboratory takes his treatment, and life, in a radical new direction as he is slowly transformed into an enormous bird. At first, David struggles to live, then to come to terms with his new body. Determined to live a new life, he pushes his himself to the limit but his doctor has other plans and with his humanity and rights in question, he can do little to escape his medical captivity. Strengthened by love for his friend and hope for his future, David challenges the powerful greed that seeks to control his life.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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