King Vasili of Maamyriskyt

What if thousands of years in the future humanity is gone and birds reign supreme? And what if, before our departure, we somehow imbued our sapience upon them? What would their society look like as they gleaned our knowledge, built their civilization upon our ruins, and worked out the differences and strengths of their myriad species? It would certainly be a very different world but would they escape the faults that plagued humankind?

As it turns out, birdkind has created something wholesome, forged out of unlikely alliances among predators and prey. But the fragile peace is under constant threat of those with ambitions to rule and possess. The name of the novel comes from one of the crown jewels of the new bird republic– a coastal crossroads city where birds of many kinds live diverse lives and yet coexist mostly in peace. Whiterock focuses on a cast of four close bird friends, a humble young barn owl named Tristan, Pepro the subadult bald eagle, Nyx the refined young falcon, and Perry the heart-broken cast-off albatross. We follow the four as they are tossed into the namesake mixing-pot coastal town. They make friends both high and low, discover enemies, explore, grow up, fall in love, and stand up for a world better than the one threatening to explode around them.

Stay tuned as I post excerpts in the months ahead. Although the first draft of the book is complete, my tentative release date is early 2020.

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