The Adler Chronicles

All Phil Adler wanted was to play professional football and live a peaceful life with his family. But a closely-guarded family secret, an ability to shape-shift into birds at will, is revealed by a rival family in a public and painful way, threatening his hard-won career and the safety of his loved-ones. His attackers have dark, furry secrets of their own and bloody ambitions that will affect the destiny of the world. Ultimately Phil, with teamwork from his closest confidants and a few unlikely allies, must battle for his life and the freedom of all birdfolk and humankind.

 The Sky Calls

When terminal cancer strikes in mid-life, David Geraki has to make tough choices. An experimental therapy saves his life but transforms him into an enormous eagle. With the help of his lifelong friend, he must hold on to what’s left of his humanity, accept what he’s become, and ultimately fight for his freedom.


Hundreds of years in the future human civilization has ended and birds dominate. Their new civilization is fragile and they are advancing quickly, thanks to leftovers of human knowledge and technology. Will their civilization go better than ours? Follow a group of adventuring birds as they grow together in friendship and are torn apart by a violent plot. Due out in 2024!

Wotan the Wolf Pup: Wotan Learns Respect

Wotan the wolf pup gets lost in the woods! Follow along as he makes an unlikely friend who helps him find his way home.