Aetus Art Sketch Streams

I try to hold sketch streams once a month or so. They involve me spending up to 30 minutes per sketch, back-to-back, for up to 8 participants. The art is not highly refined and may not even be colored, depending on the complexity of the request. The focus is on having fun in a livestream format, and I think everyone has a positive experience.

What you can request

Each session has a theme, such as holidays, seasons, or recent events. I will announce the theme on Patreon and in my Discord server, Bird Brothel. I don’t require you to stay within the theme, but I strongly encourage it and I give priority to those that stay close to the theme. Requests can be adult in nature (if you are at least 18 years of age) or safe-for-work if you wish. I consider both categories of requests equally. There may be times when I plan to air the stream on public platforms and in those cases I will specify safe-for-work only. You can also request up to two characters in your sketches. Complex poses or backgrounds are discouraged, but I will give them my best effort. My artistic strength is with bird characters so be aware of that when choosing your subject.

How I choose requests

Sadly, I cannot honor all requests. I can only squeeze out about 4-5 hours of good work during these sessions so I’m sorry if I can’t get to your request. I consider the following factors when choosing which requests to honor, in order of priority:

  • Whether you support me. This can be through subscribing to one of my Patreon sites ( for sfw content or for adult content), if you boost my Discord server, Bird Brothel, or if you support in other ways (outside contributions, editorial help, admin for the server, etc.). Even just getting a commission from me in recent months counts.
  • Whether you paid. I will make my decision on who gets a slot and then send an invoice no sooner than one week before the stream is scheduled to happen. So, you’ll have a week to pay. If you don’t pay by the day before the stream, I will offer your spot to someone else. Once you pay, you’re solid.
  • Whether I did a piece for you at the most recent sketch stream. If I did something for you last month, you can still apply but if spaces fill up, you may not get in. This helps keep it fair and fun for everyone.
  • The subject requested. If it’s really complicated or a species I have no familiarity with, it probably won’t work for a half-hour sketch. You can get around this by providing good references with your request. I don’t want to have to research it on my own and ask you a lot of questions so make it really clear what you want.

Where it takes place

The livestreams take place in Bird Brothel Discord server in the #artstream voice channel. I may also use other venues such as Picarto, but I’ll announce it in the server. If you are not a member of Bird Brothel, but are interested, you can contact me to inquire. Guest members are permitted to participate in streams only while Patreon subscribers at $10/month or higher get the option of patron-membership. In any of these cases, you must be 18 years of age or older to enter Bird Brothel. I may require ID or other verification of this before allowing entry.


I generally hold these on the first Saturday of the month, though this can move around or be skipped altogether, depending on other requirements. So far I’ve held the streams at 11 am, Central US time. My mid-month announcements for the next stream will detail the date and time.

How much it costs

Just $15 USD! Due no later than 24 hours before the stream.

How to sign up!

It’s easy! Just use the form below! It’s not an obligation and you can still change your mind later if you wish.