Digital Paintings

Most of my patrons come to me for the realism and anatomical detail I put into bird characters. I like to make realistic feathers and enjoy creating complex backgrounds that draw the viewer into the character’s world. However, my style can be adapted to suit a patron’s budget and their character’s personality. For example, some characters, particularly those from anime or cartoons, do not translate well in realistic treatment so I may use a combination of line art with brush work for texture and shading. After you start a commission inquiry, we can discuss your desires and budget to find the best fit. My prices are based on how long I expect the piece to take, which is a factor of the complexity and detail you desire. Typical dimensions are 17 x 22″ at 300ppi– plenty big enough for printing to hang on the wall.


All prices are USD minimums & do not include printing or shipping
$300+ for two characters, and up depending on background complexity and detail you desire.

A bald eagle, barn owl, and peregrine falcon arriving high above a ruined human city flourishing with bird life.