Costume Falconry Gear

Who hasn’t wanted to be a bird? Well, I can’t build you a set of wings (yet) but if you like leather gear and want to see what it’s like to be jessed up like a falcon, this is your chance! I used to practice falconry and had to build my own equipment so I’ve borrowed from that experience to build human-sized equivalents.

The gear is made from non-toxic chemically-tanned cowhide and non-toxic metals. I have approximated falconry gear as used with larger raptors such as eagles, based upon my years of experience working directly with birds. I’ve made some modifications to make the gear removable (usually aylmerie bracelets are grommeted in place on the bird and not removable without destroying them). This gear is intended only for consenting adult use. It is not intended for use on birds. The buyer assumes responsibility for safe use of the products.

Complete set of costume falconry gear

Aylmeri Bracelets/Anklets (A & B)

Aylmeri bracelets/anklets have grommets at each end. They are easy to apply and remove using a hybridization of the “field jess,” an ages-old falconry jess design that was used before the more modern technique of grommeting the cuffs in place permanently. Once in place, jesses can be laced through the grommets or they can be secured with ropes (please be responsible and safe!).

How to put on the falconry gear

Falconry Bells (C & D)

Bell bewits are short straps of leather with a bell and a folded button at one end. They apply easily by toggling the button through a hole at the end of the bewit. They add exciting sounds to your leg and wrist motions making your bird fantasy more realistic. Bells are standard costume “hawk bells” which have a reasonably realistic sound and keep the price down. If you are into authenticity and desire large eagle bells as used in falconry, I can customize your order for an additional $20 per pair of bells. To compare the sound, watch the video below.

Falconry bell sound comparison

Button (Field) Jesses (E & F)

Field jesses are broad leather straps with folded buttons at one end. They slide through the grommets on the aylmerie cuffs and provide a realistic means of attaching ropes or can simply be left untied to add to the realism. Normally field jesses on actual birds would not have a hole in the ends to avoid snagging on branches. They are also kept short to prevent entanglement. However, I supply these with holes for the attachment of ropes, swivels, or other hardware. I’ve kept them relatively short (approximately 12 inches long) to prevent becoming a trip hazard.

Other Accessories

If you want to dive more into realism, I suggest buying large sampo swivels and climbing rope to make your own tethering system. I may offer this in the future.


I did not apply leather protectants to these products as I was concerned about their use discoloring fursuits or other fabrics (something I’ve just not tested yet). In falconry, beeswax or a product called Jess Grease (DB Scientific) is massaged into the leather to keep it supple and waterproof. This is important when the leather is continually exposed to bathing, weather, and blood/meat during the course of a raptor’s everyday life. If you suspect that you will be getting your gear soiled or wet frequently, you can consider similar conditioning products. Otherwise simply wash with mild soap and water when soiling occurs and the leather should serve you well for years of enjoyment. Metals used are composed of brass and should be resistant to corrosion.


I’ve crafted each slit with rounded ends so as to prevent tearing of the leather. The design also distributes material stress away from the slits– they are only there to aid application and removal. I’m starting out by guaranteeing them from catastrophic failure for a period of 6 months of normal use (none of mine have torn and I’ve had them for a few years). This warranty is entirely at my discretion– if I see that the product was grossly misused then I won’t replace them. Cost of replacement will be just the shipping charges.


If you’d like a set, there are two steps. First, click on this link to be directed to my Square store for payment…