The Sky Calls 2nd Edition

A golden eagle is peering out through a hole in a broken window that is reflecting a backdrop of mountains and fir trees.

I’m happy to announce that I completed editing and reformatting The Sky Calls. For those that loved the first edition, take heart, I have not substantially changed the story. The updates are primarily to smooth out my writing (I’ve gotten better in the past 5 years) and change the publishing imprint over to my own. Thurston Howl Publishing did well but they are merging with another publisher now and, well, TSC is special to me so I really wanted to bring it under my own label. Just to make it a sweeter deal, if you are considering purchasing another hard copy, I’ll be adding artwork inside, featuring myself and a few other artists I’m in the process of contacting now. But, for now, enjoy this updated cover prototype!

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