The Sky Calls By Hal Aetus

When terminal cancer strikes in mid-life, David Geraki has to make tough choices. He chooses an experimental therapy that saves his life but removes his humanity. With the help of his lifelong friend, he must hold on to what’s left of himself, accept what he’s become, and ultimately fight for his freedom.

The Sky Calls is my first novella! It started out as a commission for a long, detailed story about a person turning into a bird. I was given broad freedom on plot but they wanted the process to be slow and anatomically correct as possible. Although it is ultimately about a bird I couldn’t resist the human side of the equation: How it would feel to lose certain vital abilities we enjoy while gaining new ones we’ve only dreamed about. Or how it would change our identity both to ourselves and those around us. And speaking of those around us, how would it test and change our relationships? And, ultimately, what qualifies us as human beings and imbues us with human rights?

I hope you enjoy reading The Sky Calls. If you do, please leave a positive review on Amazon and help increase its exposure. Thank you, and happy reading!

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