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I’ll be travelling quite a bit the next couple of months so I’m reopening for commissions limited to badges, busts, and cel art, maybe a comic depending on complexity. The reason is that while travelling I only have my iPad for arting. It’s great for simpler stuff but detail work is never quite as good as I desire for my high end pieces.

As usual, start the commission process by FILLING OUT THIS FORM.


I recently did a serious upgrade to my art equipment. I now have a variable-height standing/sitting desk which has immensely improved my ergonomics and stamina in staying at my drawing duties. Second, I now have a 24″ Cintiq which has made drawing much, much easier and faster than my old Intuos tablet. Third, I also have my own art printer now, the Canon PIXMA Pro-10, so I can produce prints and badges at home now and ship them out faster. The printer also gives me the ability to fine tune colors for optimal printing vs. dealing with whatever a third party printing service gives me (or you). As a result of all of this, plus lots of time to dedicate to art, I’ve been cranking out commissions much faster.


Here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing regarding upcoming cons:

  • AnthroNW (Seattle, November): I’ll be running their first (hopefully annual) art show. There’s still lots of room to APPLY. Also hosting a panel on avian anatomy.
  • Midwest FurFest (Chicago, December): I’ll be conducting two avian anatomy panels and will have pieces in the art show for bidding. I’m also creating a button for the annual bird party! If you’re a bird and want to attend the party, let me know and I’ll get you into the Telegram group when it’s up and running Nov. 1st.
  • FurSquared (Brookfield, WI, February): I’ll be in the Dealer’s Den and also applied to present a couple of panels.
  • Motor City Fur Con (Detroit, MI, April): I’m registered and plan to look into Dealer’s Den application as soon as the info is available.


I fixed up my store page recently so that now you can buy prints directly from me again. It works through Square. Just click on the square link and you’ll see everything immediately available for purchase. It will let you purchase items even when stock is zero– after all, now I have my own printer so I can produce prints on demand faster than I could get them from a printing service. If there’s anything in the gallery that is not showing in the store, it may still be for sale. Some items were personal pieces for people so I cannot sell those but others may not be in there simply because they are not often requested. In any case, just drop me a note and we’ll work out the purchase.


The Sky Calls has been right on the precipice, ready to dive off and take flight, for weeks now. The hold up is my publisher. It’s a small publishing house so it takes a bit longer for juggling projects and getting them completed. But it should be released any day and I’ll be sure to let everyone know. If you’d like to receive a notification as soon as it’s released, follow me on Twitter or contact me using the form below.

I’ll also be taking some time, here and there, to finish another novel involving birds (tentatively titled “Flock Rising.” The first draft is almost finished. I’ll make more announcements in the months ahead.

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  1. Hal,
    Your lovely book arrived today!!!! How exciting it was to see.
    Ill be purchasing some more for the auction….

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