Ghost Hunting

Tracer and his friend Zack love to explore ghost towns and abandoned grain elevators. They want you to come along too but something is really creepy about this place. The feathers prickle up on the back of your nape as a cool breeze ruffles your feathers and the first drops of a summer storm patter your beak. Somehow you miss seeing the occupant staring down at your group and you nod and follow them in…

Commissioned Piece, Digital
©2016 Scott Ford |

Notes: This piece really challenged my cloud-painting skills. I did no less than 8 different backgrounds before settling on this one. These are known as “mammatous” clouds because they resemble udders. They are typically seen around storms with strong updrafts. The wind keeps the moisture aloft until it gets too large and heavy and rains down, usually in large ice pellets or heavy deluges of rain. They can accompany tornadoes. This piece was a commission for a friend that likes to explore ghost towns in central Canada.

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