Sagari’s Journey

It was a long, dark journey with rain showers or the threat of them all day long. But the sun had finally broken through and Sagari found a beautiful spot to rest for the evening and watch the sun go down. A rufous-capped antshrike, a spirited and cheerful little bird, had kept her company and had kept her spirits up along the way.

This was done as a commission for a friend in the UK. Digital, took roughly 12 hours.

You can commission art or stories too! Email me for more information.

4 thoughts on “Sagari’s Journey

  1. the art work is great, buy I wanted to know what happened to Sagari’s journey? Why didn’t you add a little more as a teaser?

    1. I’m so happy that viewers are curious about the story! To be honest, I punched that up really quick just to provide a little bit of interesting background– I hadn’t developed a whole story. The piece was commissioned for a friend in the UK as a gift to his friend that lives in Argentina. So the backdrop is modeled loosely off of the Pampas of South America. The antshrike is actually similar in color to the hoopoe, which is a favorite bird of the patron that commissioned the piece. We wanted to keep the South American theme so I found the antshrike in online searches. It seems to be a spunky and common bird down there– see and you can get more info and listen to calls. Now I know I must post my stories– you’ve given me hope that they will be well received.

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