Happy Bird-Day!

A week ago was my husband’s birthday so I knocked together a new piece to express how I felt. We’ve been together for 3.5 awesome years now and I look forward to many more with him. Eagles court in several ways: Nest building, vocal exchanges and displays, prey deliveries, flights together in close formation, and one of the most dramatic displays is to lock talons and spin. This is known as cartwheeling and it’s an aerial dance I’d love to partake of if I could. That’s what I’ve depicted here– Colin and I dancing, eagle style. This was a speed-paint and took about 2-2.5 hours, digital. By popular demand, this piece is now for sale in the gallery!

2 thoughts on “Happy Bird-Day!

  1. Awesome picture!! I love it!! I couldnt seem to take my eyes off it for a long time… Drew me right in. I didnt know that about Eagles. Is this going to be for sale?

    1. Since it was a speed-paint, I hadn’t planned on it. But response has been great to this picture so, yes, I’ll probably add it to the store if Colin’s ok with it. 🙂

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