Wotan the Wolf Pup: Wotan Learns Respect

Wotan-Page 06
A page from Wotan the Wolf Pup

Have you ever been lost? I think all of us got lost a time or two as a child and it’s pretty scary being out in the big world without your friends or family around. “Wotan Learns Respect” is the first in what promises to be a series of books about a wolf pup named Wotan. He was created by C. R. Benson, a Canadian author who also wrote the text for the book. I illustrated the book and what a learning experience! My style tends towards realism and yet we wanted the illustrations to be friendly and anthropomorphic for children.

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I won’t spoil the story for you but suffice it to say that Wotan has to make a new and unlikely friend. But that’s the way life is– we can’t handle the whole world ourselves and so sometimes we need to make new friends and get some help along the way.


I think Wotan turned out well. It’s a short simple story with illustrations that I hope will draw a young person into the tale. Wotan Learns Respect can be purchased at Amazon.



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