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Looking for your own custom art or story? Whether it’s anthropomorphic furry characters, science-fiction, or something more down-to-earth, I can create it just for you! It might be a picture of a pet, an original character, or a detailed landscape. Sometimes it’s business logos or covers for books, CDs, and YouTube channels. And if you’re not quite sure what you want, just tell me the gist of it, maybe just the mood you want to create, and I’ll take it from there.

Here’s what you get with a commission:

  • Free estimate of your job. Just fill out my COMMISSION REQUEST FORM and that gets the ball rolling.
  • Preliminary sketch at no risk. You don’t pay until you like the sketch.
  • Specifications: I can work with a wide variety of formats but my most common dimensions for a large painting are 17″ x 22″ at 300 dpi. Don’t let those dimensions fool you– that’s plenty big and high enough resolution for large format printing, even larger than the original, without loosing details. These proportions are also convenient for use in websites, printed pages, or printing on canvas for framed art.
  • Digital output in almost any format you request. For an extra fee I can supply .psd files or print in a variety of formats (professional prints, posters, mounted canvas, mousepads, t-shirts, coffee cups, hats, etc.).
  • Updates on progress– I think that it’s important to keep you in the loop.
  • Work-in-progress (WIP) pieces: I will send you peeks at my progress at the end of each day that I work on your piece. You can also elect to just be surprised at the end.
  • My commitment to your satisfaction: I hate to miss the mark so I will communicate with you and try to meet your desires as best I can.
  • For more details, please review my complete TERMS OF SERVICE.


USD $75 (base 5000 words)
USD $15 (add’l 1000 words)
USD $60+ (small cover art)

I love writing fiction customized just for you. 5000 words is about 8 pages, single spaced, 12-point type, 8.5×11″ page. 1000 words is about 1.5 pages. Cover art is simple, intended for online thumbnails to help draw readers in.

Telegram Stickers

USD $15

My Telegram stickers include 300 ppi and standard 72 ppi files so you can use them online or print them as vinyl decals and buttons.

Badges & Busts

USD $60

Custom digital art in small sizes. Badge includes a physical hard-copy, double-sided, laminated, and comes with a snap-on clip. Postage is extra or I can deliver in-person to certain cons.

Comics & Line Art

USD $100 / page

Characters are bordered by lines, smooth coloring/shading, reduced texture. Up to 5 action panes per page.

Character Reference Sheets

USD $150+

Typically drawn in a line-art style with 2-3 views and the option for descriptive text and insets that show close-up views or expressions.

Digital Paintings

USD $100+

My painting style tends towards realism & detail. Exact price depends on number of characters, background complexity, and detail level.

Business Graphics

USD $75+

Vector graphics for use in business stationary, websites, etc. Typically $75 and up.

Book Covers

USD $150+

Full cover art and text layout services. Layout-only available starting at USD $75.