Whiterock Updates

By Hal Aetus

I’ve been hard at work on Whiterock for the past few weeks. It started with an awesome writing retreat to the Cascade Mountains in Washington, right during that heat wave in late June. But, no matter, I found the early mornings alone by Twisp Creek quite focusing. I went back through the entire book and chopped bits out here, added bits there, and smoothed it out. I added a few new characters and I fleshed out the existing cast more thoroughly. I’ve also been reading the book to anyone that will listen. Each time I do so, I find sentences to smooth and paragraphs to shape so it’s getting better and better with each pass. I am hoping to share livestreams of readings from the book soon so that I can gather input from others too. A special thanks to Colin (my husbird) and to Bob and Esther for providing the space in the mountains and for listening to my first readings.

I’ve updated the chapters that were already posted here so if you’ve read them before, read them again as some things have changed. Also, I added the next three chapters so there are now six chapters that you can enjoy. That’s probably as far as I’ll go on sharing whole chapters but I might share short excerpts from the rest. And, I’ve rearranged my Patreon so that starting in September, I can concentrate on creating artwork and swag for the book, so stay tuned!

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