How Are You Handling The Big “C”?

I normally work alone at home so the only difference for me during this lockdown has been some extra PPE when I go to the store and having my husbird working from home too. But, also, it did clear out some con-preparation tasks since both MCFC and BLFC have been postponed. So I’ve been working diligently on a database that organizes my art, posting tasks, and work queue. Now it can post art too, which I will be giving a try on later today.

Bottom line is that “it’s a huge sh*t sandwich and we all gotta take a bite.” But I want to encourage you too. Just imagine how hard we can party once this is behind us. The hugs and greetings are going to be that much sweeter. Summer is coming instead of the gloom of winter. We can’t go to cons or movies or bars. But we can still get together in pairs for a nice walk in the fresh air.

Also, think about the social change that this outbreak is forcing. Maybe we’ll finally have the momentum to get real progressive change in healthcare, income equality, and worker’s rights. Things will never be the same and I, for one, think that the change will be for the better. History bears this out.So take courage and hang in there.

Just for fun, tell me about what personal projects you are working on to pass the time.

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