Anthro Northwest 2019

November 21-24, 2019 at Hyatt Regency Seattle

I will be at AnthroNW in Seattle, Washington! Will you? I hope so. As last year, I will be running the art show and I’ll be offering panels in avian anatomy and avian transformation. The anatomy panel is a media-assisted lecture of 2 hours and covers all the stuff important to you or your favorite avian furry. Special emphasis will be placed on subject areas I get the most questions about and on those items most important to writers and artists. The transformation panel will be a moderated discussion of what it might be like to turn into a bird. It’s been a fun panel and I have a lot of fun conveying what I know as well as learning new things from the audience.

To learn more about AnthroNW, the panel schedule, and the Art Show, visit

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