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It’s hard to make a “menu” of prices for art because the time it takes is a product of three factors: technique, complexity, and detail. I wouldn’t say that one technique is clearly better or harder than the others. A well-done cel piece can take just as long as many of my digital paintings. That’s why you’ll see some overlap in prices.

Technique (aka Style)

I offer a few major techniques in my art and they each produce a different look and feel. They can also be imbued with more or less complexity and detail (see below):

  • Paintings: A detailed, refined sketch is produced and painted under until it is no longer necessary (usually about halfway through the painting). Depending on detail level requested, many more hours may be spend laying on all the finer details.
  • Speed-Paint: A very rough sketch is used at first but mostly the painting is done without the assistance of lines. As the name suggests, a limited amount of time is spent but it’s not hastily done. Most of the time these have a medium level of detail. This is one of my most popular techniques requested.
  • Sketches: A sketch is produced and refined to a lighter, cleaner sketch, but it is not solidly lined as seen in cel drawings. Usually a watercolor or “painterly” coloring is used to produce medium texture and good shading. Alternatively I can produce uncolored sketches that are shaded in gray tones or cross-hatch textures.
  • Cel Art: The subjects are defined by sharp, clean lines of varying thickness and colored. Detail level is defined in part by extra cel lines but can be augmented by painted texture and shading. Alternatively, the subjects can be filled with flat color or minimal shading.


Complexity is a product of the number of objects in the composition, whether there is action, man-made items (which generally have complex textures and rigid geometry), and the size and depth of the background. For example, a bust or head with no background is a simple composition. Two characters jumping out of an airplane over a cityscape would be very complex.


Detail is harder to define and its cost, in terms of time, is always changing as my abilities grow. A low detail example is a typical Telegram sticker where the subject is defined by clean lines and has flat coloration, no shading, no texture. Medium detail, which is most requested from me, can have feathery texture and the feathers are individual visible, but they are not individually textured (e.g., they will be soft and you may not see clean borders or individual barbs on the feathers). With high detail, each feather is clearly defined and many will show light refraction and natural imperfections such as stray barbs.


I produce many types of art that utilize a combination of the above parameters (e.g., you can get the same level of detail in a painting or a badge if you desire). Here are the most common products that are commissioned. If you don’t see something here that you want, run your idea by me and I might be willing to do it. Digital art gives me virtually unlimited options on the shape, size, and substrate I put my art upon.

Digital Paintings

These can be any size from a few inches up to the size of billboards. Most of the time I do my digital paintings at 17″ x 22″ at 300 ppi, which is a good resolution for professional printing. I can also, for an extra fee, provide prints from my studio (where I can more closely scrutinize quality) up to 13×19″. Beyond that, I need to send them to a 3rd party printer.

Reference Sheets

My character reference sheets start include 3 views at their basic level. You can add close-ups (e.g., head shots for various expressions, detail views of weapons, clothing items, or genitalia) for extra. I can also produce layers that allow me to render adult and sfw versions at little or no extra cost. Backgrounds on reference sheets can be simple, textured, or even include speed-painted backgrounds for more mood.


My basic badge package at $45 includes a double-sided, laminated badge with clip and includes postage within the US. International shipping is available for an added fee. Optionally you can upgrade for $15 and I’ll increase the size a bit and send you a 5×7″ or 8×10″ print with your badge. At these basic prices I limit the composition to a bust/headshot if you choose a speed-paint technique. If you want full body at the same price then the technique will be cel or colored sketch.

Telegram Stickers

They start $10 each, minimum of 3 to start your set. You may add occasional stickers, individually, at your leisure after that. Typically I do these in a simple cel style with minimal shading but sometimes I add a painterly texture if requested.


Comics are priced at $20/panel with a $60 (3-panel) minimum. I typically recommend 5 panels per page (so comics are usually $100/page) but sometimes I do more or less depending on the nature of the action and how much detail you want. When we negotiate comics, I create a script that represent what each panel will show before I proceed.


Read my complete Terms of Service to see the details. In a nutshell, you must sign up on my commission request form to be inserted into the queue. It’s pretty simple and I will contact you to discuss details before I do any sketches or you are committed to buying art. After we discuss what you want and if it seems you want to proceed and are ok with my projected price, I will do a rough sketch. These are not finished pieces of art– they are only intended to show some understanding of what you want and basic composition skills. If you agree with the sketch, I send you an invoice. I do not start drawing the real art until the invoice is paid in full. I typically send works in progress (WIPs) each day that I work on your piece. If you see something that doesn’t look right, it’s your option to let me know. At the very end you have a final option to request minor changes. At the very end, I provide you with electronic copies of your artwork in .png format or hard-copies for an added fee.

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