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Sagari finds the sun - A work in progress for a dear friend in the UK (Sept. 2016)
Sagari finds the sun – A work in progress for a dear friend in the UK (Sept. 2016)

Whew! This site has been a lot of work and it’ll continue. But finally I have my own home for my art and writings. I’ve loaded this site up with selections of some of my art. I haven’t loaded any of my writings yet but that will come in the weeks and months ahead. I want to thank my husband, Colin, for his help in setting up the domain and basics for the site. I’m losing my clinical veterinary job this week so I plan to invest more time into art and writing over the next 1-2 months. I have a pretty strict non-compete clause in my contract (strictest I’ve ever seen in my career) so my options for practicing in the area are very limited. However, I will continue to do my wildlife work, when those opportunities arise. If you are a client of mine, you know how much I love to work with birds so I will find a way to continue that. Meanwhile, it’s rather nice to have a little break and see what I can do with my creativity for a while. Specifically, I have 2 books (fiction) that are pretty well along and need to be finished. I also have several commissioned art pieces and short stories that I need to complete. As if that wasn’t enough, I have at least one research manuscript that needs to come together (involves a project I did on captive sea ducks about 6 years ago). So I will be busy. If you want to support my efforts, please shop around my site, commission me (details how are coming soon), or at the very least, leave me an encouraging comment or constructive critique. You can also keep me company by following along on Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, or by RSS feed (upper right corner of this page).

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